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These are some of our favorite artists and resources. They're all wonderful people whom we are happy to know and refer you to. When you see them, tell them "Glenna sent me!"

Audrey Heller does humorous fantasy photographs that are great fun! And her website always has fresh stories of an artists life.
Norman Green does wonderful watercolors, mostly of flowers, but he has a new line of fruity landscapes. Stop and chat with Norm and Merrilee at an art fair. Great folks.
Greg Gawlowski is a lucky fellow because he has found a way to pay for lots of interesting travel! And he brings back wonderful images.
Dan Baumbach has wonderful landscapes with, well, yes, timeless color and light. Have a look. You'll think about getting out of bed earlier!

Color Folio offers complete digital fine art printmaking solutions for the consummate artist, photographer and digital professional.

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