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Lush color, strong, form, and inherent movement draw me to subjects. I may photograph the curl of a dahlia petal, the curve of a guitar, or the neck of a glass bottle. I focus on these elements to the point of forgetting the object as a whole. Exploring the variety within a subject is a pleasure. I want others to experience the sensuous details, the dynamic energy and simple elegance.

Using a 35mm camera, I shoot close-up with a macro lens and varied depth of field or multiple exposures. If film was used, the original slides are scanned. Digital darkroom work is done with Photoshop. The finished images are Fuji Crystal Archive photographs produced using a LightJet -- essentially a digital enlarger with normal photographic chemistry and paper. These archival photographs are sold in limited editions of 150 or less, inclusive of all sizes, signed and numbered.


Upon moving to an 1890 Victorian, I discovered many forgotten treasures. From old encyclopedias and medical books to windows, doors, and screens. Abandoned, their value and beauty were masked by layers of dust. I wondered what stories they could tell. These images are my glimpses into their memories.

I capture the images with a 35 mm digital camera using natural light. A specialty lens is used to enhance the dream like quality. The images are pigment ink printed onto a plastic substrate. Then the ink is transferred onto wet, handmade plaster on board to enhance their aged, worn character. They are finished with varnish and wax.

Copyright 2009 Glenna Evans Photography. All rights reserved.