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A few words about the images on our web site....

Due to limitations of the web, we regret that the images on this site don't do justice to Glenna's original photographs.

The images displayed on this site are taken directly from Glenna's digital photographic production process, but they are significantly reduced in resolution and detail. You simply wouldn't enjoy waiting for larger files to download. (And we wouldn't enjoy letting just anyone have free copies of Glenna's work.)

The photographs that Glenna produces for sale today are developed from digital files that are typically 200MB in size with 48 bits of color depth. The image files that you are seeing here are less than .5MB with 24 bits of color (and your monitor may display even fewer colors.)

If you are not sure about purchasing an image and you don't have the opportunity to see the prints at our office or another venue, call or email us to talk about some options. We want to work with you to make sure you're pleased with your purchase!

Copyright 2008 Glenna Evans Photography. All rights reserved.